What Law? Forced to Sign the Papers

I refused to sign the papers, since i was taken forcefully and i didn’t go there voluntarily. A few days later the thug came in and called out my name
After a minor slap on the face and threatening, they brought in a ink pad and i was forced to do the thumb signature. Now if someone from outside comes
and checks, their hands will be clean since they follow the rules.

The Thrashing

Never ever i have seen someone getting thrashed up like that and i wish to never see something like that again. He was about 19 years old and was brought inside like a pig tied up for a barbecue. He was dropped to the floor, one of the official thug ( of course black mamba was there and he loved it) shouted to switch of the cam,since no one was allowed to see what’s going inside,cam was one of their tricks to fool the outsiders(will come to it later). They started kicking on his chest and all over his body,he was saying i’m sorry, please stop, please stop……..But these heartless thugs didn’t stop.They used pipes to beat him and he fainted,but nothing stopped their torture and he even couldn’t move a step after the beating was over .His whole body was full of marks from the beating,And the crime he did?He smoked a few joints! and these thugs who has done all these things in the past couldn’t see the other side. This was the treatment they gave.

After one month his brother came to visit him, and during the meeting and thug was beside him,this boy turned around removed his shorts and showed him the marks(no one thought he will do it,no dared to). His brother  took him out after a some verbal arguments, but he didn’t inform human rights or anyone. Well, what human rights? When these greedy cops and human rights officials  are in their pockets and money ruled everything,everything





Stopped counting the days : Black Mamba Arrives

No disrespect meant for the Snake, but this new official thug was poisonous(may be more than black mamba). He visits once in a while, and his hobbies were beating up people,biting(once he bit off the hairs from my head and asked,is it hurting? part of the treatment may be). He knows we won’t do anything back since it’s a place like that. I don’t know why he chose me for the torture, i tried to hide whenever he comes,but he always caught me. Only filth came out of his mouth.

Place was filled with negativity, hey your career is gone,why no one comes from your home? ( i still don’t know,i was staying with my mother and brother and i think atleast 70% i was taking care of them,in return they took
everything i cared for, locked me up and i came to knew that they had left this place, because they found that i was smoking pot). Black mamba kept lying that they had left me and ( ok i understand if they leave me,but why take everything i had lock me up and then go?). I was depressed, broken thinking i’ll end up like others who has lost their lives because of being to places like this.Every day was just the same,watching the torture became a norm to me,because that place was like that.Tasks kept changing every day,from painting to cleaning floors to lifting sacks of cements i almost did everything,even had to make more than 200 chapathis a day(thank God i got sick and they switched my task) on top of that i had to take the mental torture from  morning to the time i slept.My anger kept increasing,thinking what i have i done to deserve this? Or may be i’ll turn out in to a monster once i get out of this place if i’m ever going to be.

Day 4 : Treatment Starts

So i came to knew this place like prison ( actually the people who have been to prisons were saying that this place is worser than a prison) was actually a “Rehab”. I started hearing stories about people locked up in there for years,never allowed to go out even the sunlight barely came inside.This place was really good if you hate someone and get rid of them. There were many old people there all aged above their 70’s. One old person had difficulty in breathing because of asthma and no one cared for him,he used to sneeze all the time and even got beaten up like an animal just because he said he wants to go home.This was their treatment. All the official thugs in there were earlier alchoholics or addicts with no humanity left in them. For them treatment was just physical and mental torture. No ones family outside knew what was going on inside. It was just like a Nazi concentration camp. Once in a while you are allowed to talk to their family,phone will be put in speaker mode and the thugs will be there next to you,listening to what you are talking and even recording the phone call.No one dared to open their mouths because they were afraid of the thugs.

So i was made to join the group where they read AA and NA books for namesake. Every one in the group were given “tasks”.My first one was to sweep and mop the floor and to take the torture if a single mistake was found. Group slept on torn mats and pillows and you had to fight to get them.it was summer and there were no fans and lights were never switched off . For a few days i couldnt sleep and even if i did i had nightmares listening to others stories and dreams of me dragged away from home.

Little did i knew im going to be in that prison for next nine months. I saw and faced all kind of torture that i never thought will happen in my life.By the way this is a true story and not delusions.

Day 3 : Wish im dead

Been thinking about this for some time even got close,something held me back from doing this or in other words just didnt had the balls to do it. Why?Whats the point in living  someone elses life that we didnt ask for and when you realize the world is acting with no heart or no feelings and no one truly no one with you,nothing to believe in. All things that you liked or wanted to be turns in to nightmare, then what left? Nothing ,just feel the pain and hope for a day that will never come.Let the heartless feelingless world be there laughing at your pain. Ill leave,just let me go 🙂

Evening and the abduction

It was almost six months that my mother stayed with me and the last night my father came.Like any other days nothing unusual happened except complaint against my foot wear,ooh she didn’t like that, that same old wickedness.

They went out and i had  a mug of beer and slept. Feeling something creepy, i slept and wake up at night. Was having food,watching the TV,and ooh this one i brought for my mom so that she won’t get bored and never did get a chance to watch when at home, so this night i was thinking that and watching this movie where this girl gets locked up by her parents for going with someone she loved. Door was open,some one came and asked,who’s Fred? I said it’s me, two more were among with him, they pushed me to the van…………….


They four of them, started smoking beedis..and started asking questions and said they were from the Police. Of course scred,dragged away from the home like that? Questions started : You drunk? what do you use? Brown sugar? Cocaine?Ganja? whom do you buy Ganja from?what you did when you lost your phone?(yea i lost my phone and many before that and i did nothing,but there’s a story behind that(didn’t i wait or look?)) i reached near a bulding, they took me out took of my shorts made me naked and checked. A small door that looks like and it was a jail opened, i saw people walking round and round in between that four small and thought it’s a Prison. Someone asked me, have you had food? i sad no and they gave me food. I was telling that i had job to do and asking them what i have done? so i slept that night well,with my madness,waking up to the noise of people laughing……



Fear and Delusions

It’s every where,for five years i’ve been going through this. I’ve tried to escape many times just to start it all over again. Reality is not there anymore for me,my mind has started to see things as if it’s been directed by someone, faces,names places it all keeps haunting. Dreams,Sleep all of  it just raises the fear in me,sometimes i’m afraid to sleep thinking what’s going to come to my dreams,how’s it going change tomorrow,afraid to dream or imagine thinking how’s it going to strike back.I wish i could just make my mind blank see things as it is,tried everything i could, it works for a while, and then it starts again.Interpreting things,people,words and everything that comes my way and the haunting continues.They could hear my inner voice,see what i imagine like a “God” and sometimes it feels “God” is just so cruel mocking me,placing traps on my path that i just can’t escape from. Sometimes i think someone is there for me and it keeps me going and i fall all the time.”God’s” another trap or another way of mocking and it has turned me to a machine some times,knowing what’s going to come next and the traps of mockery are waiting there surely for me.